Industrial Robot

EFORT is a high-tech company focusing on the industrial robot industry. It is a listed company on the Science and Innovation Board with the whole industrial chain as its main business (stock code: 688165, stock abbreviation: EFORT). Headquartered in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, it has many R&D centers for core products in Shanghai, Italy and Brazil.
Since 2021, Anhui HangDa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a comprehensive strategic cooperation with EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. (EFORT) as its general agent in Central China region (Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian). Manufacturing industry is the foundation of our country and the cornerstone of national economic development. As the core force affecting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, robot is of great strategic significance. Anhui HangDa Intelligent Technology is a service provider of intelligent manufacturing solutions, intelligent equipment and industrial robots complement each other, The strong cooperation between HangDa and EFORT is to help traditional manufacturing to transform into intelligent manufacturing with high quality.
Product line: Cooperative Robot, SCARA Robot, Desktop Robot, Small/Medium/Large load Robot, Spraying Robot, Welding Robot, etc.
Application scenarios involve all aspects of production and life, such as handling, palletizing, grinding, spraying, welding, etc., in automobile industry, casting industry, machining industry, ceramics industry, packaging industry, lithium industry, photovoltaic industry, food industry, plastic industry, wood products industry, etc.

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